Welcome to Skoolstore

We connect millions of buyers and sellers around the world, empowering people & creating economic opportunity for all.

Skoolstore is India’s largest budding online service providers for various school supplies, making essentials simple and beneficial to shop, limiting the concerns of miscellaneous browsing for products. Skoolstore is the only store for school supplies like School Uniforms, School Bags, School Shoes, NCERT Books, CBSE Books, Text Books, Lunch Boxes and Bottles online

We specialize in supporting people get anything and everything under one roof, as our products and services come equipped with extensive price range that would surely lead to E- commerce transformation and will be mutually beneficial.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a highly economical and convenient platform, wherein our clients find assortment of products and services that they require on a daily basis at just one click so that they are left with ample time to completely focus on their root jobs.
Skoolstore is utterly unique, as our vendors have been handpicked to ensure that only highest quality products and services are shown at our website.
We have applied the concept of multiple services and products, by changing the way things are being sold and produced nowadays and we believe, this would be a sea change in India as we will have the choice and variety to cater to businesses’ and clients’ needs, irrespective of their volume.

Our Vision

Our vision is to plan the future of our organization by providing high quality products & services and transfer of knowledge to our clients at their door step. We are also providing things online that you might have thought were only available in the market and most importantly, we are giving you the opportunity to get your products customized according to your needs and preferences. At Skoolstore, we believe there is room for an improved level of interaction between the schools and the parents. Thus, we provide schools an ultimate platform to engage with parents to satisfy their needs by taking care of all their expenses for the same. For parents, we have exclusively designed our ‘dakhila programme’ wherein they can find any information related to various schools and the requirements for getting their kid enrolled in a particular school or class.